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This the exclusive interview we had with Madd Focus the producer. He speaks about starting his career at an early age and what he has done so far as a major supplier of music production, music management and music promotion in the independent music industry.Madd Focus the producer is known as a new age pioneer of sample free music production compositions amongst younger 21st century record producers. Madd Focus the producer has dedicated himself and his talents to the independent hip hop community to this day, aiding independent recording artists in the beginning stages of their music careers. Find out how he produced over 2,500 records and helped launch one of the fastest growing record labels in the history of hip hop.

Why do they call you Madd Focus?

I was given the name as a freestyle rapper back in my Florida days. I could freestyle for the longest and never stop. Nothing could break my flow but my decision to stop rapping. So people would say to me "yo' you be Madd Focus while you rappin." When you see Madd Focus the producer that's just me saying hey right now I'm producing records not rapping. [laughs]

How long have you been producing music?

Since I was 16 years old. Started off on FL Studio 4 and never looked back.

I have seen so many producers come and go, how do you manage stay afloat?

I never follow a trend, I just make what I perceive to be great music. While producers were making trap or "Lex Luger" type beats, I was still making what I wanted to make. I had beats that you could consider to be of that nature because I was born in the south and first came to be known as a dirty south producer, but I never dedicated my entire career to one genre. Add my production savvy to the fact that I have years of marketing knowledge and experience and that becomes an force you can't stop. Now I have a successful way of producing music and a successful marketing strategy that keeps my network on top. Plus I am never comfortable. I know there is a whole lot of competition out there so I constantly update my strategies.

How hard has it been to stay on top though?

Its been very difficult. My success has put my company in the top 500,000 worldwide, so its like running a franchise.  It's just my wife and I working together as well so you think of a million dollar franchise being ran by only 2 people and tell me how hard you think it is.

You and your wife have taken the independent music industry by storm, is helping independent artist a passion of yours?

We love to help independent artists. There is almost no guidance for them out there. People like my wife and I don't come a dime a dozen, it's very hard to find people with a whole lot of knowledge that just want to give it away. We just can't stand to see independent artists giving away their music all of the time and never gaining from it. Producers breaking their pockets, engineers scheming on them for every penny and no-one in their corner trying to help them make it to the top?... That is where my wife and I come in, we want to see every independent artist make it.

Tell us more about Forbes Music?

Forbes Music Inc is a brand new independent hip hop record label we started in 2014. It operates similar to the big 3; Universal, Sony and Warner. We help launch new independent recording labels and give artists the opportunity of a lifetime. We give them the opportunity to be contract free, keep 100% of their profits, get radio spins and make profit from the music they create. We drive sales to their banks, give them priceless publicity and help with their radio promotions. Forbes Music is not just a label its a complete business solution for independent artists.

What's the next move for you as a music producer?

Well I have already produced over 2,500 records in my career, I have even done some scoring and background music for DVD's and workout tapes. Since launching Forbes Music though I have not been able to produce as many records. I really just want to get back to it and do it differently this time though. I plan on collaborating on some records as well, making the beats and throwing in a few hooks, giving artists full records. I actually already have one on the way in due to be released later this year with the latest Forbes Music artist Nastyelgic. It WILL be a hit, best believe.

What can we expect to see from you next as a rapper?

Well as a rapper I only got to release 2 projects and the second one didn't even have my undivided attention. As I am currently signed to my wife's record label It's So Hard Entertainment, I am working on a brand new album entitled "The Propaganda 2" which is a follow up to my first album. My first album only sold in the streets so I never got any recorded sales. This was in the days before digital distributio was so accessible to indpendent artists. For me I know what I made off it; I made over 20 grand in my first year and 40 grand in my second but there is no evidence of that, so this one is for the money, this one is to show people the legend is true.

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