New Music Video Premier by Underground Rapper E-reign

New York's finest underground rapper E-reign introduces his new music video on YouTube.

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For years the underground rap scene has been filled with imitators and copy cats. Very few have taken the road less traveled and delivered unique music to the massive and ever growing hip hop community. An underground rapper from New York by the name of E-reign has decided to step outside of the "norm" and deliver an onslaught of extremely original works of art. At the heart of the attack, is "Money Calling" (ESM Entertainment). The lead single from his debut EP "Election Day".

The music video was released on May 14, 2014 and has seen an 8% approval rating from viewers who have already tuned in to see this epic hip hop music video. The music video features various parts of E-reign's hustle as an underground rapper. From the studio to the sreets and even to the business side of his grind E-reign lays it all on the table in this music video.

The song was produced by Tha Kid Carnage and the music video was directed by JayOnez, who is also the director behind the hip hop music video Skateboard featuring NORE. This music video has classic hands all over it. The overall effort put into the creation process of this record and music video alone is worth a round of applause.

▼ _ Official "Money Calling" Music Video _ ▼

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