iTunes sales for unsigned rapper E-reign looks promising | Forbes Music Inc. // Hip Hop Sales Report 9/1/2014

With music sales in the industry at an all time low there are still some artists out there that manage to make it work. New York unsigned rapper E-reign has managed to do very well for this month in music.

New York should be very proud of this young and hustlin artist. E-reign has not only conquered the world of radio but he has also managed to conquer the world of  internet sales. Topping the Forbes Music Inc. sales list for the 2nd straight month in a row. His latest single Pop Bottles accounted for over 38% of the company's sales in July which gives him a strong position on the charts.

Check out the new single Pop Bottles by E-reign


Pop Bottles by E-reign
Label: ESM Entertainment
Released through Forbes Music Inc [Major Music Promotions]


September 1, 2014 11:22am ET by Forbes Music Entertainment   Comments (0)

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