King Fed, RKHTY, Bianca Jade Join Fight For Felipe Rodriguez With Digilogue After Dark

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Christina and her brother Filly want one thing more than anything in the world right now. They want to be able to help their father (Felipe Rodriguez) fight his cancer and live. Felipe is 69 years old and has been recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer.

People from all across America have responded to the siblings' call to action; donating over $18K to the cause, placing them that much closer to their $50K goal.

To help raise the rest of the funds hip hop and r&b acts have agreed to put on a benefit concert. The concert will be hosted by Rizr of Digilogue After Dark.

Due to complications from COVID 19, the concert will be streamed live via Twitch. Esports streamer HeavyHittaFocus has vowed his support for the event, hosting the concert on his channel and hoping to get some of the other members of the community to do the same.

The concert boasts many talented performers including but not limited to, King Fed, RKHTY and Bianca Jade. There are a total of 20 artist's scheduled to perform. The first performance will be at 6pm tonight. Links to the twitch streams and fund raiser are below.

Go Fund Me:

Rizr on Twitch:

HeavyHittaFocus Twitch:

July 11, 2020 12:23pm ET by Division One Finance  

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