Dj Battlecat Takes on Fight for Unity in New Single 'They Can't Tame Us'

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"Crips and Bloods of California unite on one record to continue an on going effort of peace in the streets among separate gangs"


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South Central producer Dj Battlecat brings together 2 Blood members and 2 Crip members on his latest single "The Can't Tame Us," continuing the ongoing effort to bring once rival gangs together in a fight for something greater.

'They Can't Tame Us' brings together artist's Snoop Dogg, 2Elevem, Glasses Malone, Rucci and Vidal Sebastian on one of the biggest hip hop anthems to come out of the west coast this year. After 25 years in the business "They Can't Tame Us" is Dj Battlecat's first effort to take the lead on a project as the main listed artist.

Dj Battlecat is most known for his previous work with artists such as Tupac Shakur, The Game, Xzibit and Tha Eastsidaz along with a number of other West Coast rappers. He has also work with Snoop Dogg on numerous occasions and is currently the artist's official concert Dj.

This is also not the first time Battlecat brought Crips and Bloods together as one. As a member of the Rolling 60s himself in his youth, he supplied production for the 1993 album release "Bangin On Wax" by rap collaboration Bloods & Crips which went later went on to achieve Gold Certification.

Mastering of Battlecat's first solo project is also underway. The album, entitled "Self Reflections," a 12 songs LP promises guest features from some of hip hop's most revered legends. Listen to 'They Can't Tame Us' by Dj Battlecat below. The song is also available worldwide on Spotify and Apple Music.

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September 25, 2020 2:25pm ET by Division One Finance  

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