Gu'Brian - The Chaplin Bounce

Malaysia based and originally hailing from The Philippines, Gu’Brian has been a busy man over the last year. Keeping his followers well fed with a steady production line of originals, remixes and his popular bootlegs – he’s earned a loyal following that are shouting loud about his outputs. News today comes in the shape of a new release with Pop Rox Muzik – The Chaplin Bounce’.

Focus begins on the offbeats, both synths and bass providing the leading rhythmic content. It’s a quirky breakdown that ditches the obvious lead synths that you so often find in these styles and brings out an unusual plucked instrument section that’s not much like anything we’ve heard before in this electronic music format. The drops bring in the punchy kicks and offbeat bass and synths – veering into Melbourne Bounce territory. Gu’Brian switches his way through the production offering a slew of pitch bend leads, percussive pops, intricate fills and an extensive selection of supporting synths that add flavour and movement to the more prominent leads. It’s a main room production that’s designed for dancing and with the slightly outlandish breaks – it’s sure to get the dance floor moving in some unusual directions.

Pop Rox Muzik have made a big push to make the Melbourne Bounce sound their signature and it’s becoming clear that they intend to be a base to help bring the sound into international territories and educate the world. With one of the busiest release schedules around, the imprint is more than capable of breaking new trends and sounds – and they usually do. Gu’Brian is another fresh addition to the Pop Rox Muzik family and you can be sure to see him back in the not so distant future. Always keen to push the sounds of tomorrow, today – the imprint look to the future when it comes to A&R and with an army of talent already in their corner – 2015 will be another year of successes for one of the most reputable talent-breeders in club world.

‘The Chaplin Bounce’ is out now at Beatport

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