Hardcore Punk Band 'Down With Rent' Releases Latest Single '2008 Again'


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Connecticut hardcore punk band ‘Down With Rent’ releases their latest single ‘2008 Again’ taken from their upcoming EP ‘Shithead Americana’, which outlines the political and sociological issues facing the US through a barrage of distorted guitars and dissenting commentary.

‘2008 Again’ is no different, an impactful offering that sees the band take a swing at the increasing commercialization of nostalgia in an attempt to distract working people from the multitude of problems facing them. Loud, brash and unyielding the track pulls no punches as it opens to a fury of guitars, feedback and piercing vocal lines that lead through driving basslines and explosive drum beats to the enraged chants of the chorus.

Down With Rent explains the meaning behind the track further: “Everything is a reboot, a remaster, a sequel and people in America are just desperate for something familiar and comforting and we do the same thing with our politicians. People are yearning for a time when everything seemed good, moral, or like we were heading toward a better place. The reality is that the past never really existed and there is no return to normalcy.”

Down With Rent is a four-piece hardcore punk band from central Connecticut. Their abrasive, crusty brand of punk rock has rung throughout bars, basements, abandoned buildings, tattoo shops, and skate parks up and down the east coast since 2013. Unapologetically political and strictly DIY in their approach they emulate the American hardcore bands of old but with a distinctly modern, metallic edge. Their fierce dedication to blistering live performances and an inclusive, socially conscious message has earned them a dedicated group of fans throughout the US. having previously shared the stage with the likes of ‘G.B.H’, ‘La Armada’ and ‘Sick Of It All’, the band are back on the road with a mini tour to celebrate the single and subsequent EP.

March 5, 2023 6:50am ET by Next Up Music PR  

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