Indie-Pop/Rock Band 'Feels Like Fire' Releases Latest Single 'She's On Fire (Uptown Girl)'


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US Indie-Pop / Americana Rock band ‘Feels Like Fire’ releases their latest single ‘She’s on Fire (Uptown Girl)’. The track is the lead single taken from the band's debut album ‘Amaranthine’.

‘She’s on Fire (Uptown Girl)’ offers listeners a glimpse into ‘Feels Like Fire’s’ anthemic indie-rock/pop sound, the track centres around seeing someone so captivating that they can’t be a part of your world, instead as the track states “she must be from uptown, cos it’s cold in this downtown world, and she’s on fire”.

She’s on Fire (Uptown Girl) features an arrangement of drums, guitar and piano lines that gently build throughout the track, finally crescendoing into an anthemic finale that wouldn’t be out of place in any stadium show or festival. Throughout the single, the band utilises strong lyrical imagery coupled with warm harmonies and an emotive vocal performance to paint a vivid picture of the world around them.
Speaking about the track lead singer Justin Smith states “I wrote the song while living & working in Harrisburg, the capital city of Pennsylvania. My daily life, working, was pretty monotonous, dull, cold, black and white… Until this girl appeared like a colourful, warm tidal wave against a black & white backdrop city canvas.”

‘Feels Like Fire’ is a 4-piece Indie-Pop / Americana Rock band hailing from Pennsylvania, their name refers to the feeling they get when making music together. The band previously created and performed together throughout various projects over the years, even catching the attention of major record labels which led to two record deals that they subsequently turned down. They reunited in 2022 under the name ‘Feels Like Fire’ with the shared mission of creating an anthemic album. With the release of She’s on Fire (Uptown Girl) and debut album ‘Amaranthine’, the band have achieved that goal as they now look to the future with the intention of bringing their brand of heartfelt indie-pop/rock to audiences worldwide.

February 9, 2024 5:48am ET by Next Up Music PR  

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