The Horn release their long-awaited debut album, People Like Us, via Cooking Vinyl

With dreamy focus track ‘Addicted To Love’

Plus Scouting For Girls tour dates


Olivia Rayner

The Horn’s debut album People Like Us is the culmination of three years of the band steadily unpacking a series of singles, each of which strike the balance between thought-provoking songwriting and catchy indie-rock. As the title symbolises, it’s the theme of the common human experience that runs throughout the album. It spans coming-of-age narratives, exploring personal insecurities, observations on the world at large, and more general ponderings on life. As such the record is all about finding connection, solidarity, and mutual respect through what The Horn loves most of all - music.

People Like Us includes all those striking 2022 releases, such as their note-worthy debut single ‘Passion’, which was resurrected from The Horn’s founder and bassist Nick True’s earlier career as part of 1980s band Friends of Gavin (who toured with REM and headliner The Smiths’ first London show). Reformed in the modern day, ‘Passion’ is a nostalgic back trip back to the impulsivity and excitement of your early 20s.

As Nick True says, “Our debut album, People Like Us, is the culmination of three years of work by The Horn and decades of desire for me to make this a reality. We wanted it to be a collection of songs that were individual as opposed to any kind of concept, genre, speed, vibe or anything else, that each song was its own thing, so we hope people like it!”

Joined now by new band members Danny Monk (multi-instrumentalist), Jonny Taylor (singer and guitarist), Ed Cox (keyboardist), and Alex Moorse (drummer), this project retains that youthful enthusiasm but with a matured set of intentions. Elsewhere on the record, you’ll also find anti-authority anthem ‘Another Way’, a Britpop-infused track that offers an insight into the more hedonistic and swaggering side to The Horn’s sound. There’s also the down-to-earth ‘50 Years After’, which is more subdued and pensive with winding melodies wrapped around reflective lyrics. Taking more of a stance against the powers that be is the aptly named ‘Power Show’, a punchy and energetic number that speaks directly to listeners about being wary about authority figures’ motives as they seek to grasp for more control.

It’s not all about rebellion though, The Horn also want listeners to take life by the… horns. Bombastic indie-rock tune ‘Do It Now’ blocks out the daily noise to focus on what matters most, living our one life to the fullest and most positively. Pairing with this is another previously released track ‘Too Many Moments’ which craftily weaves together indie, rock, synth and psychedelic elements into a timeless composition, one that managed to occupy that previously-uncharted hinterland between Talk Talk, Lotus Eaters and Chris Isaac.

Recently, the band shared the album’s title-track ‘People Like Us’, a subtle, meandering and climatic anthem that joins together everyone who finds themselves on the outskirts of polarising debates. It’s essential to the album’s core message; of wanting to be accepted by the world, but not wanting to conform for that reason alone.

In addition to all these previously released singles, there are new sonic gems ‘50 Years After’, ‘Department Of Fate’ and focus track ‘Addicted To Love’ that completes the unmissable listening experience of People Like Us.

Speaking about the focus track, Nick True shares that, “Addicted To Love is a very sweet but morbid song, I think I prefer to not say much about it as it speaks for itself… the song was born one Sunday when Jonny came over and we worked on it. I had the verse and bridge with this catchy melody that Jonny sang “addicted to love” to. It was a lovely moment when we listened to it back at the end of the day, another one of those that made us think, “how did we do that!” We then took it to Danny who weaved his magic on it in his studio and we then took that to RAK with Danton producing the finished track. Of course I need to add that Alex and Ed added their drums and keys magic on to it too!”

People Like Us was produced by Danny Monk and Danton Supple (Coldplay, Elbow). It was recorded at RAK Studios and will be released via Cooking Vinyl.

People Like Us track-list:

  1. Do It Now
  2. Another Way
  3. Too Many Moments
  4. Passion
  5. Addicted To Love
  6. People Like Us
  7. 50 Years After
  8. Always Late
  9. Power Shows
  10. Department Of Fate

Tour dates:

Date City Venue
18th Nov Cambridge Corn Exchange
20th Nov Exeter Exeter University
21st Nov Leicester O2 Academy
23rd Nov Leeds O2 Academy
24th Nov Sheffield O2 Academy
25th Nov Birmingham O2 Academy
27th Nov Northampton Roadmender
28th Nov Norwich Norwich UAE
29th Nov Guildford Guildford G Live
1st Dec Bournemouth O2 Academy
2nd Dec London Roadhouse

The band will also be joining the UK legends Scouting For Girls on their tour later this year - dates below.

Before heading out on tour, The Horn will be supporting Cut Capers at Colours Hoxton on 17th November.

Scouting For Girls Tour:

18th Nov - Corn Exchange, Cambridge
20th Nov - Exeter Uni, Exeter
21st Nov - O2 Academy, Leicester
23rd Nov - O2 Academy, Leeds
24th Nov - O2 Academy, Sheffield
25th Nov - O2 Academy, Birmingham
27th Nov - Roadmender, Northampton
28th Nov - Norwich UAE, Norwich
29th Nov - Guildford G Live, Guildford
1st Dec - O2 Academy, Bournemouth
2nd Dec - Roundhouse, London


Back in 2022, The Horn released their debut EP, Do It Now, following a string of successful singles, which won the online admiration of Notion, Atwood Magazine and Louder Than War, as well as support from wider mainstream media ITV, BT Sport and Talksport. Their rise so far has been defined by an unfiltered combination of attitude, ambition and a middle finger to authority.

Musically, The Horn’s sound can be defined as Britpop-infused indie-rock that fizzes with energy and angst. Wrapped up in the band’s hedonistic tales of London life, cautionary tales of growing up and the dismissal of being held back by rules, self-doubt or authority figures is a deeper meaning. Here, you’ll find the unique intergenerational exchange between two of the members, Nick and Jonny, who might have been born decades apart, and yet they’ve found endless common ground. It’s no secret that ageism plagues the music industry and it’s essential to The Horn’s creative output to prove that age really is just a number and to always bring the listener back to the timelessness of human experience.

Based in North London, The Horn is made up of bassist and songwriter, Nick True, multi-instrumentalist Danny Monk, British-American singer and guitarist Jonny Taylor, Scottish keyboardist Ed Cox and amd Kingston upon Thames drummer Alex Moorse.

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