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Bee Original Forever recruiting and interviewing on Twitter

   Bee Original Forever is in search of a new presenter for their new TV show being launched, they will be selecting applicants on Twitter over a two week period with interviews following shortly. Bee Original Forever are the first brand to use twitter to recruit and interview potential employees. Founder Original Scars said “This is a great way to find a new presenter as the things people tweet are key indicators into their personality. This is an exciting new project with everyone involved directing the progression of Bee Original Forever with their talents and ambitions. ”

To be considered:

Being accessible:
Being on all the important social and professional sites is also important for networking and keeping up-to-date with all the latest gossip is also important e.g. Twitter, Linkedin etc.

Follow the Bee Original Forever team on twitter http://twitter.com/Original_Scars

General requirements:
A presenter or announcer must have a clear and attractive speaking voice, confidence, a likeable personality and be quick witted to handle unexpected events smoothly. A comprehensive knowledge of the specialist subject and of current affairs generally, as well as a fluency for language and a natural reading style, an easy rapport with an audience and the ability to work well in a team would be an advantage. A strong awareness of the technical aspects of getting a show on air, good planning, organisation and timing skills are also essential.

Working hours:
The hours vary, depending on the type of show. Some presenters and announcers have to work long and irregular hours to complete shows, including early, late or night shifts. Many of the most experienced and best-known presenters work freelance.

If this is something that interest you let us know via Twitter (http://twitter.com/Original_Scars) and your application will be considered.