"Falling in Love Like an 80's Movie"

She Loves No One

Special Edition Valentine's Day Release


Powerblast Worldwide

Singer-songwriter, She Loves No One delivers the new song, "Falling in Love Like an 80's Movie". If you love indie rock pop singers, you’ll have to check out the new sing I’ve produced for She Loves No One. It’s called “Falling in Love Like an 80’s Movie” and it is a fun, upbeat bubbly alternative rock live song. If you are a fan of bands like No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne and Evanescence, you’ll fall in live with She Loves No One! She’s a talented and beautiful vocalist who writes whimsical soulful pop songs which transports listeners to a euphoric love-land. She’s been writing songs since she was a teen and she embodies her very own unique sound and style. Her voice is not only stunning, but it beckons for all lovers as she floats between notes. The song is modern; yet nostalgic and reminiscent of classic films by John Hughes films, such as Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, etc. It features live drums, beautiful piano chords and synths as well as electric guitar arrangements. The song is co-written, produced, recorded and mixed by Gino Black.

“Falling in Love like an 80’s Movie”
Produced and Mixed by Gino Black
The song is being marketed and distributed by Powerblast Worldwide.
It will be available on all music streaming services and download platforms.

“Falling in Love like an 80’s Movie” is also available for easy licensing for film, TV and digital content. Published by: Powerblast Worldwide Music [BMI].

“Falling in Love like an 80’s Movie” - https://youtu.be/O66BI3fTeYk

"KISS" - https://youtu.be/zDJXu7Vlgi4


Self described as Electronic-Indie-Rock: "To Her from Him" was the debut EP from She Loves No One. Based in South Florida, She Loves No One is an soulful pop singer whose music is provocative, beautiful, whimsical and decadent.

Powerblast Worldwide is pleased and proud to announce that due to increased buzz and positive feedback surrounding the initial songs being recorded She Loves No One, we have been offered a strategic partnership with a major agency. The agency, which has great relationships in place with MTV, VH1, FOX, NBC, HBO and other networks, approached us to offer assistance us in building wider exposure for what they call, “…excellent songs with true hit potential.” They will assist us with getting song placements and sync deals for the musical works of She Loves No One. These opportunities will include TV, Film, web and mobile as it relates to commercial advertising, ad campaigns, reality/scripted television, music for games and film soundtracks. We plan to make full use of they’re existing client contacts and look forward to a fruitful and productive working relationship.

Powerblast Worldwide Music (BMI) is publisher of all songs written, produced and recorded by She Loves No One.

February 13, 2021 8:45pm ET by Powerblast Worldwide  

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