R&B crooner, Ol’ June’s “I Tried” surpasses 20K streams!


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New and up and coming soul music artist, Ol’ June, recently released his new single with the heartfelt song called, “I Tried”. On “I Tried”, Ol’ June’s voice is pure vibrant brilliance. His tone and ability to hold beautiful notes is only matched by his vocal range and seemingly effortless breath control. This song is co-written by Ol’ June, whose birth name is Julian Wilcoxson, along with Reginald Troutman; with music production provided by Trent Becknell. All musicians involved with the creation of “I tried” have done an impeccable job at bringing an old school feeling back to modern day soul music. His vocal performance is haunting as he ponders what went wrong in this failed relationship. He sings about how hard he tried to make things work between he and the woman he loves. In a world where today’s R&B music I lacking in heart and soul, “I Tried” delivers what true love should sound like. Ol’ June is the beginning of a resurgence of pure soul music.

"I Tried" is a beautiful love song about a relationship gone wrong and both parties involved have seemingly given up on the relationship. Ol’ June sings about his sorrow for being the one who did try to save the relationship. This song expresses his regret for letting the love die. “I Tried” is an R&B song with a soulful vocal arrangement. It fits into the category of Adult Contemporary, Rhythm & Blues and Soul music. As of this week, "I Tried" has surpassed 20,000 organic streams on Spotify. It is also gaining tremendous traction on other services as well. A music video for the song is now available for viewing on YouTube.

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About the artist:
Ol’ June is a soul singer from the Midwest. His childhood was punctuated by back of the school bus commutes immersed in the comfort of songwriting escape. Hours spent writing, singing and arranging…all to himself. As a shy kid, he concentrated his talents on music production, opting to hold back his true gift of singing and songwriting.

Things changed when he joined the church choir and found his voice. The heartbeat of his personal music journey was marked by long family car rides, sound tracked by the songs of Commissioned and The Winans. He later found himself discovering artists such as Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye. Their music had feeling. Taken by the emotion in their lyrics and the tone of their voices, he found his passion.

Since stepping out of his shyness and into the public arena, collaborators consistently take note on the ease of which he composes, crafting stories about love, God and the state of humanity through song.

And now, he’s ready to share his offerings with the rest of the world.

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