Will Fictional Audio Drama Based On True Cold Case Help Solve The 12 Year Old Case?

Jessica Rainville bets it will.


Will Fictional Audio Drama Based On True Cold Case Help Solve The 12 Year Old Case?

After ten years of being buried on the Internet, writer and voice actor Jessica Rainville decided it was time to re-ignite the fire of one of Maine’s most mysterious cold cases.

“As a voice actor, I wanted to create my own work and give myself opportunity. I knew I wanted to write an audio drama, but I wanted it to be about something relevant. Right now, true crime is extremely popular,” Rainville said. “I decided to combine the worlds of fiction and non-fiction to create an interesting story with a twist. I haven’t seen anything else like it in the audio drama world.”

The show’s description, which can be found on all your favorite podcast listening apps, reads: “In 2010, the decomposed body of a man is found in the woods of Stacyville, ME. His only identifying factor a knit hat that says ‘CHRIS.’ Jessica, a PI from NYC who traumatically experienced the murder of a loved one, comes to Maine to find this John Doe’s family. Will Jessica find justice for ‘CHRIS’ seven years later — a fate she believes no family should ever have to suffer — or will her obsession with swiping right get in the way of her investigation?”

The iconic image of the hat is what inspired the entire series. “It was very ‘Girl With A Pearl Earring,’” Rainville, who is also the voice of PI Jessica London, recalls.

In a bonus episode of CHRIS, titled “What About The ACTUAL Man In The Woods??,” Rainville discusses the parts of the case that appear in the show, and what parts are fictional.

Listeners describe CHRIS Podcast as reminiscent of an old-time film noir, a professionally produced show with excellent writing and voice acting, receiving 5 stars on Apple Podcasts. Season one is 9 episodes, each episode running around ten minutes in length. The season finale airs October 15, 2019. Season two will begin recording soon after.

Rainville hopes someone listening to the show may hear the description of the man found in the woods and remember something, helping to solve the case. She also has plans to eventually adapt the show to film once season two has completed.

As main character Jessica London says, “There’s no reasons a family should ever have to go through that.”

You can find episodes, information about the true case, and contact information for Jessica Rainville at www.chrispodcast.com, or by email at jessica@jessicarainville.com.

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