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GEORGE WASHINGTON WILSON - Artist and Photographer (1823-93) By Roger Taylor - Introduction by Brian May

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Brian May unwraps yet another "labour of love" "George Washington Wilson" by Prof Roger Taylor, published today, 15 August 2018, by his own imprint, The London Stereoscopic Company. Read Brian's comments @ www.brianmay.com

NEWSFLASH: More tickets have just been released to attend the launch of Brian May and Prof Roger Taylor’s #GeorgeWashingtonWilson in Aberdeen on August 16th, the birthplace of the great Scottish Victorian artist and photographer. More details below.

“It’s my great pleasure to introduce to you all this beautiful book, at the request of its author, my great friend Professor Roger Taylor. It’s been many years in the making, and I’m confident it will have been worth every minute. It presents the life and work of celebrated Scottish landscape photographer George Washington Wilson, who, with great skill and flair, photographed the unique beauties of the Scottish countryside in the 1860s with his stereoscopic camera. The resulting 3-D images proved immensely successful and established Wilson’s national reputation as a pre-eminent photographer. Now, courtesy of the Lite OWL included with every book, Wilson’s images can be experienced in exactly the same way they were enjoyed by the Victorian public.”
Brian May

When photography was first introduced to Britain in the early 19th century, Scotland adopted the process with great interest and enthusiasm. A leading practitioner was George Washington Wilson whose innovations in stereoscopic photography created some of the most captivating 3-D photographs of the period and established his reputation, both nationally and internationally. He began his career as a portrait miniature painter, but in the early 1850s he took up photography and established a portrait studio in his hometown of Aberdeen. One of his earliest commissions was to photograph the construction of the new Balmoral Castle, and the success of these studies led to other assignments, including portrait sessions of Queen Victoria and members of the Royal Family. He was subsequently appointed Photographer to the Queen.

By the 1860’s Wilson had established his national reputation through a series of technical and aesthetic innovations that significantly advanced the art of stereoscopy and topographic photography. As a result, his business as a photographer, publisher, and retailer of images for the tourist market rapidly expanded, and within a few years, he dominated the field. George Washington Wilson, Artist, and Photographer, for the very first time, allows readers to view Wilson’s work in its original three-dimensional format.

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