‘Good Guy Dies’ Vocalise a Protest against Domestic Abuse with Their Brand New Single ‘Hit Me Back’

Rock/Pop-punk duo ‘Good Guy Dies’ are a fresh new act on the UK music scene, powerfully protesting against injustice and discrimination. Made up of Latvian vocalist Cherry Makej, and guitarist Joe Hodgson from Northern Ireland, the pair have spent the past two years perfecting their sound and style; their album was produced by none other than George De Angelis (Seal, Rod Stewart, LeAnn Rimes).

Listen to 'Hit Me Back' here (Video to follow soon!): https://soundcloud.com/good-guy-dies/hit-me-back-single-mix

The listening experience can only be described as an eclectic fusion of sounds and genres – think classic rock and punk pop, synthesized with elements of electronica, underpinned by thunderous driving beats. Cherry’s powerful yet sultry vocals are complemented by Joe’s punchy guitar playing with a profusion of razor-sharp riffs. They deliver compelling and electrifying live performances and their stage persona oozes charisma and attitude.

The single ‘Hit Me Back’ is based on a story of a relationship which spirals into domestic violence and confronts the idea that love can be expressed in a relationship through violence. This has been drawn from Cherry’s background, as that particular belief is rife through many Eastern European relationships – a saying in Russia being “if he hits me, he loves me”. This song encourages women all over the world to stop hiding their abuse.

George De Angelis, Ivor Novello award winning songwriter and producer talking of Good Guy Dies:
“I really enjoyed producing the Good Guy Dies album. They have some really great songs and what I like is that they're not scared to tackle subject matter that other bands either wouldn't think of, or would be too scared to talk about. I’m thinking particularly of "Hit Me Back" and "Whether She Wants It Or Not". I also love the fact that they're always up for experimentation and are always seeking a unique direction; something which gives me great latitude on the production side of things.”

‘Hit Me Back’ is due for release on Friday 14th November.


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