The ‘Biggest band in Dawley’ return with 60’s inspired throwback ‘Never Meant To’

Artist: Savannah
Track: Never Meant To
Release Date: 18/08/17

After the success of rock’n’roll anthem ‘Taxing Times’ the ‘Biggest band in Dawley’ return with ‘Never Meant To’, inspired by the loose 60’s and baggy era.

The band, consisting of Liam Ball (vocals), Jason Lewis (guitar/backing vocals), Harry Neat (drums) and Ellis Holmes (bass) wanted to create a light, dreamy sound that would contrast the hard-hitting nature of their upcoming EP.

Listen to ‘Never Meant To’ on Soundcloud here:

Produced once again by Gareth Rogers, ‘Never Meant To’ is a throwback relating to the nostalgia of those special moments in a relationship we have before it all becomes serious and pressurised.  Nevertheless, with the introspective feel offset by a pounding bass riff and resounding chorus it still resembles the traditional feel-good Savannah sound that fans have come to know and love.

The four-piece who are influenced by a myriad of artists including The Kinks, Blur, The Verve, Arctic Monkeys and Primal Scream, as well as indie-rock new boys, Blossoms, are excited to showcase this more mature side to their music.

Having built a dedicated local fan base which has raised them to local celebrity status in Telford, Savannah have played alongside acts such as Bad Manners, The Troggs and Bruce Foxton from The Jam. When it comes to promoting their music, Savannah aren’t afraid of doing things the old fashioned way; they’ve driven miles to meet people in person in order to introduce their sound and they’ve even performed from the top of the largest inaccessible hill in their area, much like the Beatles’ rooftop concert in 1969.

Recognisable everywhere from their synonymous local phrase and hashtag ‘#EyUpJockey’, which they have plastered all over the country in the form of stickers, ‘Never Meant To’ has all the makings to become another fan favourite and to consolidate that a rock’n’roll revolution is definitely on its way.


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