Canadian LGBT+ rock innovator Mr.Slade has critics raving over Blondie cover ‘Call Me’


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South Asian - Canadian rock star MR.Slade has already got music media excited about his latest release as we head for UK impact date on August 19th . The track is a re-interpretation of the legendary Blondie hit ‘Call Me’. The early reviews highlight the success of this new rock artist who is determined to break down doors across the globe relating to culture right through to LGBT+ issues.
As a queer, Asian man creating a potent rock music mix, MR.Slade sometimes feels he has had many rivers to cross in order to get his music recognised. He is also a strong advocate of keeping things totally real maintaining non- ‘filtered’ imagery at all times. He feels that it is vital to be yourself, to show the world who you really are both through music and image irrespective of social media trends.

‘My music is an extension of my beliefs, both political and spiritual. The idea that if you are born a certain way that based on your gender, orientation or race that you are allowed only one avenue of expression. To me that doesn't work. I started writing music heavily influenced by the DNA of classic rock and 80s hair metal with a bit of 90s alternative/grunge/ industrial thrown in.’ He outlines

….’Pretty much everything a Queer South Asian guy had no business in, but a soundtrack for my personal rebellion against Society and its rules. I wanted to prove that labels are for soup cans and not people. I also wanted to explore music that was fun, aggressive, sexy but also questioned our consciousness and our individual roles in making the world a better place for all, while having the most fun doing it. (i.e. songs like "This is how we make the love” and "our love will change the world").’

‘I chose Call Me as a cover song‘ continues MR.Slade, ‘not only am I a huge Blondie fan, but I thought a song about male sex workers could have a slightly more grittier, rougher feel to it. Exploring and clashing with sounds that were either feminine and/or masculine together. When I write or compose music, I'm more visual than anything else. I wanted the song to sound like it was being blasted out of someone's car while parked at the pier in NYC circa the 80's. A bit dangerous in feel but with a cheeky nod and wink and an homage to idea that sex can connect us in this some-times cold isolated world. Dirty without the shame.’

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August 23, 2022 10:00am ET by Quite Great  

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