FlickaDotCircus - 'Compact33'

The Circus is coming to town!

RWD Magazine - “A little bit moody, a touch left-field, a tiny bit depraved, a fair amount funky, FlickaDotCircus have pulled together their Compact. 33 EP with all the influence a few drinks and a taste of funny smoke can provide.”

Introducing FlickaDotCircus, creating what they describe themselves as “interesting, non-regurgitated hip hop”. This forward thinking East London group are not to be messed with on their highly anticipated EP ‘Compact33’!

Following up on their successful single ‘Rabbits Vein’, Compact33 is a carefully pieced together masterpiece with exquisite guitar riffs and piano sections. Together it is are used as a sound bed for the inspired word play delivered by the contrasting sounds of the bands two MC’s Alfalfa, Nikolai Shine accompanied by vocalist Darna aka ‘Uncle Peez’. Their finishing touch is music producer LOA who the band themselves describe as holding him hostage until he would agree to work with them.

FlickaDotCircus have been working, mastering and producing their sound together over the last year. Members have been performing separately at the same gigs as The XX, Foreign Beggars, Reeps One and have performed at many gigs across the UK including the big summer festival ‘The Secret Garden Party’, Cargo, Liverpool Barfly and supporting the ‘Love Music Hate Racism’ campaign.

For More Information please contact Poppy Ballard publicity5@quitegreat.co.uk, Sibel Arzulu publicty3@quitegreat.co.uk

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