London Three-Piece Ooberfuse Announce New Single ‘Why Am I Here’

‘Why Am I Here’ is the breathtaking new single from the socially aware, urban electro-pop band Ooberfuse.

From their track featuring a North Korean death-camp escapee, to their multimedia campaign to free a woman unjustly sentenced to death by hanging in Pakistan, Ooberfuse’s music is created with real purpose. Now taking inspiration from the ultimate existential question; what is the meaning of life? the band has penned one of their strongest tracks to date.  

Simply titled ‘Why Am I Here’, the track was born during band guitarist Nico’s experience being held at an airport. Detained for two hours, stripped searched and x-rayed, Nico managed to hold on to his mobile phone and was able to text his band mates with the message ‘why oh why am I here’.

Considering that ‘Why Am I Here’ is the brainchild of such heavy, philosophical questions, the track itself is surprisingly upbeat. Opening with a catchy synth melody and vocals from lead singer Cherri, the track brings in Nico’s deft guitar lines and a thumping beat. Crying out the text message sent by Nico, Cherri sings the line with great gusto. As well as being a great pop track, ‘Why Am I Here’ fulfils the specific aim, ‘of filling the void left inside a person having searched through the numerous personas adopted in order to be accepted by modern society’.  The single also continues the band’s mission to inject ‘Ooberfusiasm’ into the world, with their infectious beats, warm summer vibes and hard-hitting lyrics.  The number of Ooberfusiasts around the world is set to increase at a rapid rate with the release of this track.

‘Why Am I Here’ is released on the 15th July. Listen to the single here - 


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