Interview With Upcoming Artist Trust Quan Dolla

Where did you grow up?

"I grew up on The Eastside of Tampa in Highland Pines"

What age you begin to have interest in music?

"I always had a thang for music since i was about 9, just didnt have a studio to go to"

How did you get the name "Trust Quan Dolla"?

"I always had Trust Quan it was catchy to me then my homie told me to put Dolla behind it and since that day i ran with Trust Quan Dolla" 

How would you define your sound?

"My sound is very unique my voice is a instrument, I rap and sing so i really don't need another artist to sing my hooks i can sing my own hooks. So when i put those together it becomes magic"

Who is your dream collaboration?

"My dream collaboration would be with Lil Wayne, Thats the Goat and i know if im in the booth with Lil Wayne he going to bring the best out of me and its going to be a hit"

Any upcoming projects?

"I have my first Ep title "My Story" schedule to drop June, 24 this my first solo project that im real excited about  i have some things to get off my chest"

What can people expect from this project?

"You can expect Love, Pain and Happiness. I'm just trying to tell people my story on what i been through these last couple years with Music, Girlfriends, Homboys and my Son mother just want people to hear "My Story"

What is one of your biggest goals you want to accomplish in the music game?

"My Biggest accomplishment in the music game is to make sure my son, brothers, and sisters don't have to worry about nothing. Another accomplish is to have a song on the Billboard top 100 an i want to win a grammy.

What can we expect from Trust Quan Dolla over the next year?


Any Final messages?

Follow Me on IG @TrustQuan and be on the look out for my EP "My Story"

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