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Rita Ora filmed "really spicy" scene for Fifty Shades of Grey movie

Rita Ora has revealed that she was part of a "really spicy" scene during filming of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

Despite the singer having little acting experience, the Brit secured the part of Mia Grey in the film adaptation of E L James' erotic novel.

Speaking to Capital FM, the 'I Will Never Let You Down' star said that she may have taken part in a sex scene:

"I cant give too much away because I'm sworn to secrecy by a whole army of Fifty Shades people, but I can say there's a really spicy scene. All I'm saying is that it's surprising, you can feel it in the air like when you rub your fingers."

Referring to how she managed to switch roles from singer to actress, Ora added:

"I definitely had coaching, acting coaching. I have an American accent in the movie. I've got a brown bobbed wig. I look really different. It was really nice to get into a whole other world that I wasn’t used to, but it was pretty difficult. Literally on set I had the accent coaches there whispering it to me in my ear and we would shoot straight away. It was really hard."

Watch Rita Ora's 'I Will Never Let You Down' video below: