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Rita Ora says she's not interested in becoming a politician

Rita Ora insists she is not tempted to delve further into politics after being named an honorary ambassador of Kosovo.

The singer, who was raised in Britain but born in the territory, was given the role earlier this month.

Speaking to the Mirror, Ora said that she will channel her music career and penchant for positivity in her new job.

The X Factor judge said: "I'm not a politician. I'm going to do what I've been doing as a musician and be aware, give a positive message. I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes.

"What we're trying to do is blur the social/cultural barriers we have, because right now with social networks, there really isn't any barrier within the countries, like Brazil and Kosovo. It's almost like all of our problems have merged into one.

"What I'm trying to do is make our generation be aware of what, politically, we can do as a team to change our future."

Speaking earlier this month as she was handed the role, Ora said:

"I'm lucky I'm in a position to travel the world and bring more awareness to my country of birth and let the rest of the world know what a beautiful country it is and how friendly the people are."

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