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Sam Smith says not being able to talk was 'horrendous'

British singer-songwriter Sam Smith has revealed that not being able to talk while he recovered from throat surgery was terrible. 

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 about recovering from the operation, which he had after suffering a vocal cord haemorrhage, the superstar explained that not speaking for three weeks was incredibly tough:

"It was horrendous. It was so bad. But I got through and everyone's been so amazing about it, so thank you."

He opened up about the moment he realised something was seriously wrong with his throat and added: "I just went to sing and something wasn't right, something was hurting in my throat. I had haemorrhages on my cords. I'd just been singing too hard for too long."

Smith went onto confess that he's easing himself back into singing: "I've just been like singing in the shower and stuff. I'm just trying to take it slow... It's like a blessing in disguise to have this break. But at the same time it killed me to cancel all these shows."

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