Handsome Ghost Enlists 17 Visual Artists To Explore Creative Individuality In "Sunday Best" Video


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Massachusetts duo Handsome Ghost (Tim Noyes & Eddie Byun) releases the video for their latest song “Sunday Best”, calling upon the talents of a collection of artists from all over the northeast to spotlight the power of individual creative expression.

It’s the latest release off of Handsome Ghost’s forthcoming album Some Still Morning, out Sept. 18th via Photo Finish Records, and the video compiles footage and art pieces created by seventeen unique visual artists who were given their own respective snippets of the song to recreate in a visual medium.

Through the mediums of photography, illustration, and videography, the collection of artists interpreted the song with visuals depicting the beauty of and destruction of nature, human intimacy, isolation, spiritual freedom, and more, all soundtracked by the song’s ethereal, cloud-like lightness and calming reflective tone.


ARTISTS IN ORDER OF THEIR FEATURED WORK: Jake Gravbrot, Daniel Kwan, Jade Ehlers, Dadu Shin, Emily Nava, Nick Noyes, Will Holden-Marin, Jared Heveron, Yvan Nguyen, Cian Nguyen, Anna Lee, Noel Howard, Kenny Suleimanagich, Taylor Antisdel, Christian J Sweet, Raelena Kniff, Jess Dunlap

Along with previous album releases “Vampires” and “Massachusetts”, the video for “Sunday Best” captures the reinvention of Handsome Ghost, a duo that achieved major milestones with their 2014 breakout single “Blood Stutter” (over 20 million cumulative streams) off their Steps EP, followed by The Brilliant Glow EP (which included “Eyes Wide” -- 16.5 million Spotify streams) and their acclaimed 2018 debut LP Welcome Back. But after a run of tour dates supporting their last album, they reentered the studio to silent frustration as they tried to build on a sound they thought they needed to recreate, until a moment during a late-night recording session when the rising sun slowly seeped into the studio. That moment eventually led to the creation of the forthcoming Some Still Morning.

Byun elaborated on this story in an essay that posted today via Talkhouse saying “We took time off and got comfortable with the idea moving on from Handsome Ghost and honestly, the thought of quitting was revitalizing. If we were going to quit anyway, what does it matter what the future looks like for the project? Who cares whether or not what we made was consistent with the “Handsome Ghost sound”? We started working on a song for ourselves that reflected our lives, and it felt right….we worked all night, and as the sun crept in warmly around the blinds, the song stood mostly naked. It was peaceful and honest and real.”

He later reflects on the goal of the music video for “Sunday Best”, writing “The video is an exploration of how different people hear and experience music...we wanted to let the artists take ownership of their clip and allow them, with very little direction, to interpret their clip within the context of their own lives.”

‘Some Still Morning’ Track Listing
“Christmas In Jersey”
“Fifteen Countries”
“Some Still Morning”
“The Mint”
“Weeknight Crowd”
“Sunday Best”

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