Wynnm releases new single 'Milk' and breakout EP 'Moonwalking'



Wynnm releases new single Milk

Wynnm’s quicksilver sound is an elegant amalgamation of smooth folk and vital bass. Her music emerges from the dusty mirages of Arizona and the private mountains of Idaho and cycles to the electronic beats of her current residency in Amsterdam.

Though born amidst the sands and sunburnt rock faces of the Sonoran Desert in the Southwestern United States to an amateur harmonica player father and a first-generation Korean mother, Wynnm’s dark notes and honey-throated tones draw from experiences far beyond her landscape, circumstance, and family myths of origin. CD’s like Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Moby, The Doors, and Creedence Clearwater Revival spun in the family car on long road trips. She came of age with a love for bass beats and albums by powerful female vocalists like Annie Lennox, Portishead, and Fiona Apple.

Milk is an indie electronic trinket packed with folky rhythms, trumpets, violins, layered synths, acoustic and reverberated guitars all carrying Wynnm's vocals.

Wynnm about her new single:
"I came across a short story. It’s called Summer Solstice by Nick Joaquin. The story discusses femininity in such a powerful and whimsical way, it peaks, it burns, it utters the phrase, “My dear boy, you still have your mothers milk in your mouth.” I still can’t think of better words to say to win an argument. ‘Milk’ symbolizes the final word, and how one can wonder and long for the infantile other, especially in the aftermath. "

Milk is out now!
Writer: Wynnm Murphy, Mario Davidson | ISRC: NL-C8O-20-00065

EP Moonwalking contains Wynnm's previous six singles and new single Milk.

The singles were or still are featured on:
Spotify: Chill Mode: On, Chill House, Karakter, A Shot Of Indie, New Music Friday a.o.
Apple Music: New Indie Wave by Digster, Today's Chill by Apple Music Alternative, Breaking Singer/Songwriter, New in Singer/Songwriter, New Music Daily a.o.

Got airplay in: The US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Serbia, The Netherlands and Mauritius

A short summary of all the tracks:

Penned in the first months of Wynnm’s residence, Fire on the Moon tells the truth of looking into the eyes of your companion - their eyes hopeful, your eyes bloodshot - between them is the truth that starts and ends the race.
The New LoFi

Written from a dreamlike perspective, Sometimes Berlin tells the story of an out of body experience, a relationship to a room, to a city, and to a lover.

thefeelingyougetwhenyouwatchthenews is a synthesis of the helplessness one can feel when the weight of tragic, current events comes stomping through newspapers, flashing across screens, and ravaging the hope of people from their living rooms.

Soaked in uplifting synths and sporting a drive-down-the-highway-scream-singing-in-your-car-with-the-windows-down melody, Where Did All The Years Go? is a summery reconciliation with the past.

With driving, atmospheric drums and heavenly choral synths The Morning is a song of appreciation for those who make us the greatest versions of ourselves. Those who pull us from the edge. Those who free us from the heaviness of dark pasts.

Closing track Milk is released separately as a single on the same date, see above.

1. Fire On The Moon
2. Sometimes Berlin
3. thefeelingyougetwhenyouwatchthenews
4. Where Did All The Years Go?
5. The Morning
6. Milk

Moonwalking is out now!
Composer: Wynnm Murphy, Mario Davidson | EAN: 8720205101211


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