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The Janoskians on Wembley Arena gig: 'We’re taking it much more seriously'

Things just seem to be getting bigger and better for The Janoskians.

The Australians pranksters-turned-music stars recently announced plans to headline London’s Wembley Arena in March.

Pressparty caught up with the internet sensations’ Beau Brooks to find out more about the the massive gig, their music plans and future collaborations.

You’re playing Wembley Arena in March - that's a pretty big deal, right?

"It’s so exciting. It’s just unbelievable. Coming from the streets of Melbourne, starting doing pranks and stuff - it’s really cool how our fans have given us the opportunity to do something so big with our lives. It’s crazy. Performing in front of that many people is an honour."

Have you got any nerves ahead of the show?

"I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but I think the excitement is a little bit higher than the nervousness. But we just really want to kill it."

It’s being billed as JanoFest - is your live show going to be different for this gig?

"It’s going to be much more different than the other shows. This show we’re going into with a proper rehearsal and we’re getting choreographers to make everything super tight. Also there’s going to be a lot more music as well. We’re taking it much more seriously, so there will be less swearing, for the younger kids and the parents who want to come along as well."

I take it events like this weren’t part of the plan when you started out?

"Not at all. It’s just been one long ride. Well, it’s felt pretty short. From releasing music to releasing a movie, and there’s talks of a book deal now. Everything is unfolding and we’re very honoured. It’s unreal."




Is the live show an important part for you?

"Yeah, definitely. People get to see it up close and personal, and they get to see and feel the atmosphere. We really want to build the atmosphere to show people who we are, and most of all give them a good time."

Speaking about the music, are there any plans to do an album?

Definitely. We really like the music and we’re hoping our fans do too. We’ll eventually release an album.

Is the music just as important as the pranks or is it right now even more of a priority?

It’s definitely a priority right now. We want to take this seriously and we want to be the best at what we do - at all levels, whether it be pranks or making a movie or music. Music is a very big part of our lives at the moment. We write our own stuff and we hope everyone enjoys it.

Are there any bands or singers who you might want to work with in the future on music?

At the moment we just really want to do our own thing and show them what we’re about. Maybe in the future it’d be pretty cool to do some punk. It’d be awesome to work with 5 Seconds of Summer. We’re both Aussie and we’re sort of going for the same sort of sound. That’d be pretty cool.

What makes the perfect prank?

It’s all about timing and the reaction. Saying the right things and not pushing the line. If you say the wrong thing you’re going to get a wrong reaction - if you say the right thing you’re going to get a very good reaction.

You've got a feature film in the works. Will it have a plot?

It’s fully scripted. I think there’s like 120 pages or something. There’s a little bit of romance, there’s pranks and our music as well, which is very exciting. I can’t tell you much about it. It’s a big secret, which kills us because we’ve been working on it so hard for so long. You’ll have to wait and see.

Have you started filming it already?

We’re in the works of filming it at the moment. Hopefully [it’ll come out] in January 2016. That’ll be the ideal goal. But it’s definitely coming out. You have to be patient as much as we are.

Are there any plans for a sequel?

100%. Just like our music, we plan on doing more and more and more.

It seems like there’s a healthy long-term future for The Janoskians then?

Hopefully. We don’t want it to end. Our team and us have just been working so hard. I can’t even see us ever breaking up.

The Janoskians play Wembley Arena on March 21.

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