KAPPO GUNARI Releases Rap Track - “YOU ARE”




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Born in Lithuania, Kappo was raised by his Mother whose hopes were to provide her son with a better future, and so migrated to Orlando in the United States.
It wasn't long before he began running out of patience as he watched his mother struggle to make ends meet. After observing the new environment, by the age of 15 he began to take matters into his own hands with an intention to make life easier for both himself and his mother.

Soon enough he was lost in the materialistic world where his dreams turned into his worst nightmares. For 12 years he believed that the path he had chosen would lead him to success and it wasn't until he was 27 that he realised it was all just an illusion.

Giving up was never an option though, so after 16 years he returned to Lithuania and started seeking a new life.

His uncle recommended him to take a trip to Peru "Tierra Mitica" after which Kaapo's outlook on life took a 180 degree turn. He saw the positive in the negative, in the past full of pain he realized the richness of it, the mistakes he had made were there to learn from not to grieve over.

Poetry and music has always been a part of him. While some people choose to write in their diary he would express himself through music and poetry since he was a kid, but just like a diary its personal, these feelings in a form of words he kept to himself. Once he returned from the trip it was clear to him that it was time to bring it all out in the open and share his life experience through music.

Kappo delivers many subliminal messages with a strong connection to "The Law of Divine Oneness" which he began to follow starting by bringing himself together into One and defining the result in one name "Kaapo Gunari”.

New Single ‘You Are’

“There is no such a thing as an unpredictable outcome or a coincidence for every choice we make there is a clear result its only a matter of time when it will be reached. Some of us are here to teach and some of us are here to learn. Love always was, still is and always will be the key to happiness and unity among us. Love is always present, when ignored, reality awakens us by communicating love to our hearts through pain."

"Suzette Aponte, to some she was a young woman who was 8 weeks pregnant when she got called back to heaven. To me, she always was and will be a teacher, an angel of love…” - Kappo Gunari

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