Director/Writer/Producer David McAbee Guests On The Leo Affects Hosted by Ray Rumsey


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Director/Writer/Producer David McAbee is a featured guest of The Leo Affects hosted by Ray Rumsey.

Ray Rumsey is a podcaster and novice voice actor from upstate New York. He uses his podcast as a means to learn more about the lives of people that are doing and have done great things. His primary goal in his podcast is to promote the guest and enlarge their fan base. Hopefully this will bring more light to them, their goals, and any projects or agendas they may have that they would like to share with the world.

Award winning director, screenplay writer, producer, and a host of many other creative endeavors, David McAbee is about to release the dramatic, tender, and hopeful film, "For The Love of Jessee" on May 1, 2020. Having already won the Los Angeles Film Award for "Best Dramatic Screenplay", the digital unveiling will be a riveting and inspiring addition to the film climate.

No stranger to production and direction McAbee has worked with networks including The Cooking Channel, The Travel Channel, ABC, ESPN, Fox Sports and The Food Network. David's very first short, "Night Terrors" starring accomplished actress and scream queen, Laurene Landon, guided him to a successful festival run, winning several awards for "Best Shorts."

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