Beacon Audiobooks Releases “Awakening:The Maiyochi Chronicles, Book 1” By Author Phillip L. Johnson


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Plunged into an epic adventure in another place and time, Raymond Covington must come to terms with the fragility of human life, the heights of the human spirit, and the limits of his own understanding. With more action, adventure, intrigue, suspense, humor, and wonder than any one story should be allowed, Awakening opens the door to a gripping tale you won't want to miss.

After his life is saved by Hanshee of Clan Dula, Raymond Covington is joined by a young warrior on a journey to a distant land of blue mountains and unknown peril. Together, they must use every skill and trick at their disposal by sneaking, racing, and fighting their way through towering forests and fetid swamps, over the treacherous snows of high mountain passes, through the turbulent waters of rivers and seas, and across the borders of nations both great and small.

Between them and their goal are men of the most brutal sort; some fueled by honor, others by bloodlust and greed. They will face vast armies led by powerful kings, deadly assassins relentless in their pursuit, beautiful women with their own agendas, and a few good souls who offer respite from their many trials and challenges.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Awakening: The Maiyochi Chronicles, Book 1” written by author Phillip L. Johnson and narrated by Steven Sloan.

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