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New single ‘Loose Ends’ is a voice of reassurance in a turbulent world. It is for anyone whose questions outweigh the answers, for those who feel that things just aren’t fitting together yet.

From our perspective, much of life doesn’t make sense. We often have no idea why things happen, or what direction our life is heading. We can’t always see the bigger picture - so much remains unknown. Using powerful metaphoric imagery, this song brings a message that there is design amidst the chaos in the tapestry of our lives, an intentionality and completeness that will reveal the full picture in time.

As someone who carefully crafts the visual identity of her artistry, the music video for Loose Ends contains a multitude of layers and symbols that beautifully enriches the song itself.

Rebekah tells us, “For Loose Ends, we wanted to create an alternate world that represents how we dwell in the underside of the tapestry, in the unknown and the chaos. I worked with weaving artist and director, Alice McCabe, and choreographer, Pascal Johnson (Dutch National Ballet) to evoke the creative process and motion of weaving. We first designed the image of the tapestry itself, using natural imagery and circular focus point to evoke a sense of peace and completeness. Alice created the tapestry by hand, capturing the slow, yet intentional process. These shots, personified through captivating dance, combine to portray the beautiful symbolism of how the different threads in our lives are woven together to create a full story. We cannot recognise what is happening in the midst of it all, yet we know there is a design holding it all together.”


Rebekah Fitch is a new Irish alternative-pop artist, combining her love of melody with thought-provoking poetry; powerful vocals with vulnerability; and trailblazing production with captivating visuals. The power of music is in its ability to carry a message, and this is exactly what Rebekah does.

With influences ranging from Lorde and Daughter, to Kanye West and Childish Gambino, she was hotly tipped in both Hot Press and The Thin Air’s 2019 Watch Lists, even before she sold out Belfast's The MAC Theatre with a self-promoted 350-seat headline show.

Drawing from her fascination with experimental electronica, she produces unique sonic worlds around her fresh, memorable melodies. Her dynamic multi-instrumental live shows, complete with mesmerising live-looping, flute, and impressive vocal ability, have attracted serious attention and are now in constant demand.

She has already amassed 140,000 Spotify streams, has performed in the SSE Arena (and for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), and was one of five nominees for Best Emerging Act in the NI Music Prize.

She has toured the UK and Ireland, performed live sessions for Sky One, BBC Two and UTV, and gained early commercial success with Today FM and RTE 2FM’s Track of the Week, FM104’s Select Irish Artist, and playlisting on Cool FM, U105 and BBC Radio Ulster. Her songs have made No. 6 in Chordblossom’s Top NI Releases 2017-18-19, and No. 75 in The Thin Air's Top Irish Releases of 2019. She has been critically acclaimed by the likes of Clash Magazine, Nialler9, The Daily Mirror, Hot Press and more.

Her recent single, Dust, is a heart-wrenching piece about loss and resilience, and has already been playlisted on BBC Radio and RTE1. Follow up single, Game Over (RTE2 FM Track of the Week), was ingeniously released alongside its own video game, which has been praised by fans and press alike.


March 4, 2021 1:45pm ET by YOUTHQUAKE  

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