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Zelda Symphony interview: 'Video game music is very emotional'

The Legend of Zelda Nintendo computer game series has millions of fans across the globe, with main character Link adored in the gaming world.

It was little wonder then that games and music fans rejoiced when the orchestral show Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses opened a few years ago, bringing the series' music to the stage.

Their latest show Master Quest is due to tour the world this year and Pressparty caught up with producer Jason Michael Paul to find out more.

How did the Zelda Symphony come to be? What was the original spark of inspiration?

It started out with Nintendo asking me to produce the opening for the E3 press event at the Nokia in 2010. I produced three concerts in London, Tokyo, and LA as part of the 25th Anniversary series of concerts. I also produced the orchestral CD that was included as part of the bundle with Skyword Sword. After the success of the 25th Anniversary concerts I came up with a touring show, Symphony of the Goddesses and the rest as they say is history. 

Why do you think video game music translates so well into the live music circuit?

Video game music is very emotional and is synced with certain game cues - as a player you're experiencing so much in that moment. Live music, especially with a full orchestra and choir, is very similar because the senses are all being overwhelmed at once. There's so much to experience and take in, both in an auditory and visual way which translates into emotion. 

What have been the toughest challenges in creating the show?

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Did you feel pressure when overseeing the production of a live music show based on a game that is loved by millions?

My favourite part about Zelda are the people who created it and continue to work on it. Miyamoto san, Kondo san, and Aonuma san deliver a superior experience that grows as the game does. Because of this, I was not so much pressured as I was passionate about creating the ultimate Zelda experience for fans. 

How supportive have Nintendo been throughout the whole process?

Nintendo has been nothing but supportive. I've worked with closely with Miyamoto san, Kondo san, and Aonuma san. The show you see is the show they want you to see. It is the best reflection of what they want a Zelda concert to be. It is my job to deliver exactly the show that they want fans to see when it comes to Zelda.

What is different about the 2015 tour Master Quest?

There are new arrangements that have been added from 'A Link Between Worlds' and the brand new 'Majora's Mask' - which are my favourite. 

What do you think is the highlight of the show?

Across all of our performances, the highlight of the show is the grand finale at the end - seeing all the fans, some cosplaying, really celebrating and enjoying Zelda. 

What sort of future do you see for the Zelda Symphony project?

Right now we are currently focused on this current tour - we've been adding new tour dates! For the future, we of course hope to celebrate the franchise they way it deserves. 

Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses - Master Quest will visit London's Wembley Arena on April 17.

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