Girobabies New Single is Tune of The Week on A1M New Music Show on Indie Rocks Radio UK

"Dear Monday" , is a Brilliant, epic and refreshingly clever tune, the tune is immense, The Girobabies at the Top of their Game

Girobabies Open this weeks global mix of new music on A1M records, broadcast on Indie Rocks Radio UK.

19 Tracks From USA, UK, Europe, South Africa and Beyond,


A1M records Ltd

The New Single from The Girobabies opens this weeks show and is described as

"A fabulous and clever slice of DIY, independent music, melding, rap, indie, punk and a honest and vital urban tribal beat." Its filled with real life stories, that many relate to and even more live out each day as we all make our way in life. The Girobabies, are a hidden gem, loved by the few, almost preciously, not wanting them to loose that mystique, that reality, that honesty.
Well, this is "Brilliant, epic and refreshingly clever, but simplistic, a quirky video is a real treat, top job, the tune is immense, Girobabies at the Top of their Game"
Dear Monday, deserves to be heard. And if there is any Justice , could see them making an assault on Hadrian's wall, and flood south to conquer the uneducated of BBC6 music of Media City and London.

The tune opens the show this Thursday 8pm, then repeats Saturday 6pm, Broadcast on internet radio www.indierocks,co,uk

The A1M Records New Music Show on Indie Rocks Radio-
Episode 7 March 7th 2019.
Los Angeles : 1 1.00 am : New York : 15.00 : Manchester :20.00
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1. The GiroBabies - Dear Monday - (radio edit)
(A1M Tune of The Week)
2. MaanSkap - Dintshang
3. DK-1 - The Oxygen & I
4, Deseos Primitivos - Existir
5. King Kartel- Lock & Load
6. Mark Mathews - Not Falling
(Emma Scotts breaking rocks tune of the week)
7. LiL Skies - I
8. Dolly Mavies Drown Me Out
9. M-22 - "White lies " (DJ mix James/sanders) -
(Colin's choice cut)
10. SOL Development - Nobody
11. Abjects - All Alone
12. King Meraki - Kill Me (Ft Spawn Sero)
13. Prima - ALL 4U - Part 2
(Black Triangle Tune of The Week)
14. Sentient Robot - Leave Now
15. Gasp - Exhausted ( Beyond The Comfort Zone)
(Mark McG - tune of week from Scotland)
16. Visceral Noise Department - Daddy's Dole
(Mark McG - tune of week from Scotland)
17. StockSNSkins - Free Speech (Blue River Hamble)
18. Cold Water Swimmers - Summer Breeze
19. Queen Zee - Loner.

March 6, 2019 4:37pm ET by A1M records Ltd  

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