Indie Music Soundtrack Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing

Radio Show, Features, New tracks from emerging artists mixed with sounds from Apollo 11 Moon Mission

A1M records New Music Show on Indie Rocks UK radio showcases, Space Oddity Remix, 1969 original

18 tracks of new music, a musical journey, celebrates man's most "epic journey", 50 years ago, when the world held its breath, as man headed to the moon.


A1M records Ltd

Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Show:

A musical journey celebrates mans most epic journey 50 years ago, when the world held its breath. Features, new music from across the globe, mixed to a celestial soundtrack, JFK "Go to the moon speech" and original 1969 David Bowie "Space Oddity".

Tonight tune in at 8pm to Indie Rocks UK A1M Records New Music Show
Episode 26 July 18 - 18 tracks of amazing new independent artists

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LA 11am: New York 3pm: UK 8pm: Europe 9pm


Indie, Rock, Alternative, Reggae, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Electronic, Electronic, Acoustic, Dub Step, Funk, Punk, Pop, + more- something for everyone"18 Tracks of New Music:

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Artist - Track

  1. The Lizards - Astro Boy
  2. Sioux - Hypnosis
  3. Apollo 11, Moon Launch Clip
  4. Eric Sneo - David Bowie (Space Oddity)- Radio Remix)
  5. The Assist - Its Just a Dream Away
  6. The Pagans S.O.H - Pagans Pilgrimage
  7. Hopsin - I dont Want It *
    (*Black Triangle tune of the week)
  8. DJ - Piere De La Mer - JFK Moonshot (Radio Edit)
  9. M-40 - Falling
  10. GranFalloon - the Elephant
  11. The Truth Sounds Different - The Space we Occupy
  12. The Heavy Duty Box Company - Coming from Somewhere
  13. Josephine Sillars - Sun and The Moon
  14. The Nouvelles - Surrounded by Angels
  15. Afghan Sang Gang - Envy
  16. Desensitized - Emily
  17. Arshan Arkestar + Hipster brothel NQ - Bullet Hole
  18. David Bowie - Space Oddity (1969 original version)

About The Artist / Company

A fiercely independent record label & artist development company, Dedicated to developing new music, “Passionate about sounds that make a difference”. Inspired by the DIY ethos of Wilson and McLaren and born of the post punk, electronic noise, emanating from 80's & 90's Manchester.

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July 18, 2019 6:54am ET by A1M records Ltd  

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