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Adele has revealed that she never entered a TV talent show for fear of embarrassment

In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Adele revealed she didn't think twice about ignoring her family's pleas for her to give the TV talent show route a go.

Adele explained: “We'd be watching The X Factor, and my family would tell me I should go on. But then you'd see a parent on the show saying, 'My child is the next Mariah (Carey)' and the kid would be rubbish. So I'd look at them and think, 'F**k you, you just want me to be embarrassed for a good laugh.”

Currently recovering from throat surgery, Capital FM reports the singer is considering moving to the West Sussex countryside to escape London's smog to give her throat the best chance of a full recovery.

The sonic star also tweeted a photo of herself (see above) taken whilst she was sitting in a Range Rover earlier today (December 21).

Watch an Adele talk about her album, '21' below: