Cash Family Joins Forces With NCIS Star Pauley Perrette, the U.S. Military, Motown Legends, and Michael Jackson's Legendary Radio Promoter T.C. Thompkins to Endorse Hip Hop Newcomer B. Taylor

CHICAGO, May 18, 2011 -- Peoria's Own B. Taylor has become the first hip hop artist to be endorsed by the iconic Cash Family of country music.  B. Taylor's unique musical talents recently caught the eye of Gene Cash, CEO of Music Row Records Nashville and popular cousin of music icon Johnny Cash. "I've had an opportunity to listen to the music of B. Taylor and I have to say he has a terrific talent as a rapper and musician. Just as Johnny Cash is to country, B. Taylor is to hip hop," says Mr. Cash.  Mr. Cash joins forces with ten different Motown Legends representing eight of the original groups of Motown Records that have all gotten behind B. Taylor.

B. Taylor's new single, "Fire In Your Eyes", featuring NCIS Star, Pauley Perrette, is receiving national airplay since its official release on May 3rd. The single is distributed through GBR/Bungalo/Universal Music Group Distribution.  Taylor and Perrette appeared in an interview with Kevin Frazier on The Insider on May 4, 2011 showing exclusive behind the scenes footage of their upcoming music video.

Michael Jackson's legendary radio promoter T.C. Thompkins is overseeing the radio promotion for the single partnered with popular radio promoters Vince Pellegrino and Jeff McClusky. "B. Taylor is a diamond in the rough," says T.C. Thompkins.

B. Taylor, a former Navy sailor, originally met Pauley Perrette through Lieutenant Michael Smith and Commander Bob Anderson, Director of Navy Info west, the office which acts as a liaison between the Navy and Hollywood studios for films and television shows, including NCIS.  "B. Taylor embodies our core values of courage, honor and commitment," said CommanderRobert Anderson.

"This is Mr. Taylor's best work yet to hit the marketplace, and a great video to follow," says Robert (Leo) Rodgers, SVP of Bungalo/Universal Music Group Dist.

B. Taylor is a writer, producer and performer who has a diverse background including serving as a sailor in the Navy, and a member of the All Navy Team-USA basketball squad.  His background, talents and extensive list of accomplishments provide him with the ability to appeal to numerous fan bases with varying tastes in music across a vast number of genres including Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel, Rock and Pop.

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