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Cascada have no plans to release album

Cascada frontwoman, Natalie Horler, has revealed that the band's latest single 'Pyromania' will not be followed by a new album.

The eurodance trio, who released their third LP 'Evacuate The Dancefloor' last year, said that there are currently no plans for a new album.

Asked if 'Pyromania' would launch a new record, the singer said, "It will one day, but it's not currently in connection with anything in particular. I'm sure it will be on an album eventually, but right now we're just trying to bring out a few new and exciting songs to surprise people."

On whether the group have any plans to release an LP in the future, she said, "Well, we're always working on an album really because we're collecting and recording tracks all the time. One day we'll sit down and choose the best ones and bind them together for an album. 'Pyromania' is what we're about and anything that comes out next will be bit by bit."