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Katy Perry reveals album inspiration

Katy Perry has revealed that she took inspiration from ABBA and The Cardigans when writing songs for her next album.

Before the 'Waking Up In Vegas' singer started working on the follow-up to her 'One Of The Boys' record, she gave her producer, Dr Luke, a mixtape of songs she wanted the CD to sound like - including music by those two acts.

Perry says that the new album is going to be "more groove driven and be about making people dance. "When I went on tour," Perry said, "as much as I love all the in-between songs, I felt I was missing some of the stuff that made people bounce up and down. I really love that feeling when people are all jumping in unison. We worked in Santa Barbara, we worked in Los Angeles. I was telling everybody I had a lot of jewels, but I didn't have the crown and, then, I finally got the crown so all the jewels made sense. And now I have this thing, this crown that I'm ready to present."

The currently untitled record is due in the summer. Dr Luke - who worked with Katy on her hit song 'I Kissed A Girl' - revealed recently that he had written six new songs for the album.