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Aguilera confirms LP

Christina Aguilera has confirmed that Goldfrapp have worked on her new album, but says that she was nervous about approaching them.

The singer, whose new album 'Bionic' also features collaborations with Ladytron and Sia, admits that her husband gave her the confidence to approach the artists she wanted to work with.

In an interview with Saturday Night Online, she said, "My husband was like 'If you like these guys so much why don't you reach out and work with them?'. He had to give me a little nudge to get me to reach out and see if they wanted to work with me or not, which was a little nerve-wracking, but everything went amazing." She continued, "I reached out to Ladytron and Sia who I was a big fan of. Her work with Zero 7 is (something) I'm a huge fan of. There's Le Tigre, and Peaches and Goldfrapp...the producers of M.I.A and Santagold who I'm also a huge fan of and I ended up collaborating as writing partners with. It was a super fun ride working with all of them."