UK rapper and songwriter Zuby to release his seventh studio project- 'Seven VII' plus first video

Zuby is an anomaly in Hip-hop and an artist of such a unique nature!

He was born in England, grew up in Saudi Arabia and is a graduate of the prestigious University of Oxford.


Through years of hard work and dedication, he has become one of the UK’s most accomplished independent rappers; with over 22,000 albums sold and three nationwide tours completed. 

Zuby’s intelligent wordplay, inspirational lyrics and distinct voice have earned him a loyal fan base. To date, he has reached over 800,000 YouTube views, 22,000 Facebook fans and 13,000 Twitter followers.

He is also one of the first British artists to open his own pop-up shops, where he sells his music, merchandise and own brand of wireless headphones. 

In 2013, Zuby’s 'Zubstep EP' reached #12 on the UK iTunes Hip-Hop Chart. This was a remarkable achievement for an unsigned artist and a testament to his growing fan base. In 2014, he raised nearly £9,000 on Kickstarter to film multiple music videos for his fourth album ‘The Year of Zuby’.

He now returns this summer with his next EP 'Seven (VII)', where inspirational song-writing and impressive lyricism are on full display. From the dizzying verbal acrobatics of 'Glory', to the witty punchlines of 'On Site', to the sombre storytelling of 'The World Vs Me' - it's clear he's a man with some stuff on his mind.

With production duty fully helmed by frequent collaborator Anno Domini Beats ('Comin At Ya', 'iLL', 'Mad World'), 'VII' presents Zuby in the best form you've heard him thus far.

The first video from the EP is also out for the track 'This Is My Life', done in one take style, something which is familiar to all fans of Zuby:

The EP is now available to download or order physical copies as per below:

July 21, 2016 6:28am ET by Steaming Kettle PR   Comments (0)

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