Leeza is luminary in her dark synth-pop single, Stars


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Russia-born, LA-based up-and-coming pop singer-songwriter, Leeza, paired traditional pop structures with futurist-international vision in her latest single, Stars, which has already amassed over 40k streams on Spotify alone.

Working with the LA producer, Jordan Sweet, Leeza played an ode to the Weeknd’s atmospheric style sonically. Vocally, Arianna Grande served as Leeza’s muse in this unapologetically smitten synth-pop serenade, which encompasses the fear that sparks around freshly found passion.

With the depth of the lyrics which stand as a testament to Leeza’s tendency to uphold relatability and honesty over over-complication, Stars luminously becomes more than your average earworm.

Leeza said:

“Stars is a song about finding new love, and all the scary things that come with it that make you want to distance yourself from the person. Regardless of those fears, you realise that you are already in too deep anyway, and just need to give in, fall and see where it takes you, hopefully to the stars!”

Amelia Vandergast, the Executive Editor at A&R Factory said:

“Leeza’s commanding vocals over the seductively moody synth lines proved to be a stylish recipe for pop magnetism in Stars. It is far from just titularly interstellar. She’s a conduit of connection who deserves to be lauded for her ability to translate our deepest fears and desires into melodic bliss."


Leeza was born and raised in Moscow, Russia until age 17. Her music journey began with taking private vocal lessons aged 10. Her focus was Jazz and Musicals until she attended Berklee College of Music, where she learnt music theory and songwriting and used her freshly acquired skill set in her band formed by her fellow classmates, which performed around Boston and Cambridge.

After graduating from Berklee, she moved to LA; shortly after, the pandemic gripped America, giving her ample time to write, record and produce her lockdown oeuvre. ‘Guilty’ was her first lockdown release; following it, she connected with her producer, Jordan Sweet, another Berklee alumni.

Together, they are working on Leeza’s debut EP, Fake Happiness, due for release on October 15th.

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August 11, 2022 7:22am ET by A&R Factory  


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