OTH€LLO Delivered Sonics for the Soul with His Smooth and Sensual LP, Miss Mayotte


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In the landscape of modern hip-hop, OTH€LLO stands as a poignant storyteller. By weaving the complexities of love, self-acceptance, and cultural identity into a tapestry of sharp lyrics and soulful beats into his new album, Miss Mayotte, he provided an affecting exhibition of his authenticity,

Born in the vibrant heart of Montreal and freshly transplanted into the heat of the Bay Area, OTH€LLO is unfalteringly committed to chronicling the transformation of both personal and artistic flavour.

The opening single, Her Soul Speaks, is a smooth and sensual synthesis of jazzy neo-pop and RnB to initiate a dialogue with the soul before the subsequent seven singles wrestle with the shadows of societal norms and candidly emerge as an acknowledgement of his evolution.

The bigger picture is always in view within the lyrical introspection as OTH€LLO drips vocal honey over his intricately mellow instrumental arrangements, which resound within the deep and sonorous production, which gives way to a smorgasbord of scintillating textures.

The second single, Afterglow, stokes fervent fires with the salacious imagery creating friction against the mellifluous melodies, which cloak afro-fusion rhythms with a brand-new aural fashion before the LP moves into the hotter territory of another lead single, SZA 4 NGAZ, which embraces self-acceptance and celebration of roots and identity.

Miss Mayotte will be available to stream on all major platforms from November 24th.

OTH€LLO said:

“My latest album, which crescendos with the track “Miss Mayotte” confronts the inherent misogynoir of our times. It charts a journey from cynicism to the cusp of belief in love's true form. It's here that I find a muse in Miss Mayotte - a symbol of unappreciated strength and beauty who compels me to craft an anthem that transcends genres and celebrates the unseen queen.

With every track comes the promise of raw lyrical honesty, which carries the weight of real experiences; the heartbreaks, the lessons learned, and the hope earnestly feigned. Within the LP lies a pulsating reflection on my five transformative years on the East Coast, which played a pivotal role in shaping my voice.”

Amelia Vandergast, the Executive Editor at A&R Factory said:

“OTH€LLO created the ultimate euphonic aphrodisiac with his LP which does plenty more than break ground; it seduces it. By playing with light and dark thematic lyricism, which visualises the complexities of passion and self-reflection, sincerity is in no short supply within Miss Mayotte as the urban visionary uses styles from across the urban spectrum to set himself leagues apart from the rest.”


My music journey started in Montreal; my immigrant Congolese parents were constantly playing Congolese gospel and secular soukous tunes by Koffi Olomide and Papa Wemba, which would eventually become a foundational layer for my authentic expression.

In my conservative Edmonton, Alberta high school, I joined a music theatre class and performed in musicals. After graduating, I travelled across Canada as a busker, playing in the streets and the subway with a guitar or beat track. I spent a lot of time homeless, couch surfing and creating art in Toronto while honing my singing chops in a local Congolese church choir as the only tenor.
In 2019 I fulfilled a lifelong dream of moving to NYC; I’ve been hustling ever since, but now, I’m finally ready to live my music dream after linking up with Lounge Studios, where Solange Knowles recorded her two latest projects.

After releasing my debut single and the first single from my Miss Mayotte LP, SZA 4 NGAZ earlier this year, the single has garnered over 84,000 streams on Spotify alone, and my sophomore release, Afterglow, isn’t far off that streaming mark.
So far, my music has been lauded by The Source and This is 50, amongst others, and my singles feature on countless editorial Spotify playlists.

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November 24, 2023 9:22am ET by A&R Factory  


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