Nicky Campbell explores what it means to be different in this new BBC Radio 5 Live podcast,

Across a series of interviews starting this Wednesday on BBC Sounds, Nicky Campbell explores what it means to be different


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What does it mean to be different?

Is it what we do? Is it how we think? Is it what we’ve experienced?

In this new 5 Live and BBC Sounds podcast, Nicky Campbell will talk to a number of extraordinary people who live, think or act differently.

Across a series of thoughtful interviews, he will investigate his guests’ lives, their unique backgrounds and their intriguing perspectives.

Whether hosting a debate between a Satanist and an evangelical Christian, or talking to a world-leading forensic scientist, Nicky will explore their views and experiences, considering why certain people’s brains work in particular ways.

Nicky says: “On my morning phone-in show on 5 Live, I talk to people from across the UK every day. I love human beings, so that certainly helps! In this podcast, I’ve been able to explore our species at some length… Remarkable people. Extraordinary people. People who are ‘different’. I can’t wait for you to hear their stories, starting with Tonks, the White Witch who lives in a remote Highland Cottage. She absolutely enchanted me. I arrived a sceptic and left a wizard.”

In Episode 1, which is out on Wednesday 8th June, Nicky goes to the Scottish Highlands to visit Tonks, a witch who worships the old Norse gods and practises magic.

Elsewhere in the series, we will hear from a cult survivor, a professional ‘people hunter’ and the police officer who uses his experiences as a sexual assault survivor to educate the police on how to better support victims.

Episodes will be released weekly, every Wednesday, with all episodes available on BBC Sounds here.

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