Capital Connoisseur Group Hosts Free Youth Financial Literacy Workshop


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Financial Literacy is the ability to understand how money works in the world: how someone earns money, how that person manages money and how they invest money to grow and create more money.

Capital Connoisseur Group is providing a free intensive financial literacy workshop for youth ages 10- 19 introducing the fundamentals of money (saving, budgeting, and investing).

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Our mission is to equip our youth with the fundamentals of money so that they can avoid many of the financial pitfalls adults make that were never afforded this special opportunity to learn about money as a youth!


Clarence "CJ" L.D. Thompson II is an ambitious and determined individual whose mission in life is to preach the importance of financial literacy. He is a speaker, personal finance coach, real estate investor and stock trader. His passion in life is to show others how to do more with less.

Clarence founded Capital Connoisseur Group (CCG) with the intent to educate the masses on personal financial literacy, providing coaching and other financial services.

Born and raised in Baltimore, he understood the disadvantage that individuals from urban populations were faced with. This birthed his passion to become an educator in personal finance. By the age of 12, he knew his calling was to educate on the subject of finances and help people properly manage them.

Clarence has held multiple financial seminars around the country, advocating for an increase in personal finance literacy. He has held careers in insurance, accounting, auditing, financial planning, and budgeting. His company, Capital Connoisseur Group, has assisted dozens of families with planning and executing their financial goals. In addition, CCG has performed financial services for two churches with combined annual revenue of over $500,000, multiple community youth programs and civic organizations along the East Coast.

He holds a bachelor's degree from Temple University in finance and real estate as well as a Master's degree in Business Administration. Combining technical expertise along with a down to earth realistic approach to finances into a transformation journey to financial freedom is my gift to share with the World. It is the goal to help others while helping myself.

January 7, 2020 9:19pm ET by Chandra Gore Consulting  

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