Jamie Cullum speaks to Eliza Doolittle on his BBC Radio 2 Show

This week on Jamie Cullum's BBC Radio 2 show, Eliza Doolittle was in the studio to talk about how she is still "pinching" herself over the success of her first album, and if she feels any pressure for her second album. 

In the interview Jamie, who is the UK's most successful Jazz artist ever, was able to relate over second album nerves - "I remember people talking to me exactly the same, 'ooh you must be really nervous.'" 

Eliza also revealed that she wanted to take her next album into "another direction".

Also in the one hour long show that aired earlier this Tuesday, Jamie reminisced over the time when Eliza supported him on tour and there was also a world exclusive play of an unreleased track Eliza had recorded for Disney - 'He's a Tramp.' The show ended with a stunning rendition of 'Baby its Cold Outside', Jamie playing on the BBC Radio 2 piano donated by Elton John (56 mins in). 

Jamie interviews Eliza - clip: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00m76v0

Quotes from 13 mins 14 secs - to 15 mins 35 secs.

Jamie: "You've just come back from tour, so I'm assuming now you're on holiday or are you getting to work straight on your next record?"

Eliza: "I actually was working on even before the South America trip on my first record, and it kind of put me out of sync a little bit, cause when i'm in promo mode i'm not in writing mode at all, I tried to write while I was out there but I couldn't do it, so I now i'm kind of getting back in the swing of things and yeah, album two."

Jamie: "And how does it feel at the moment? Does it feel different to the first one? Are you working with any particular producers? Anything you can tell me that you don't want to give away? I don't know.."

Eliza: "It's definitely different.. I just wanted to take it in another direction I guess.. I dunno really, it's still kind of quite new"

Jamie:  "How do you mean another direction, cause the thing is I always find, when you kind of tour a record for so long and when you promote a record for so long, not only do you get sick of it but also you kind of have more of a sense of how to play for an audience and that kind of informs what you write. Did you find that?"

Eliza: "Definitely. The way i'm making this next record, i'm thinking about how it's going to be live already.You know backing vocals, and which instruments I want to have on the live show... i'm baring it all in mind because of touring the last record".

Jamie: Are you nervous in anyway? You don't seem remotely nervous about it."

Eliza: "I'm not yet. I feel like i'm just under halfway even there, so i've still have lots more to do. I know that you know, everyone always says say album two is a lot of pressure and stuff, but there's no point in putting pressure on myself, i've just got to take my time until I get there."

Jamie: "I remember when I did my kind of so called second album and I remember people talking to me exactly the same, 'ooh you must be really nervous', and it's like, I think actually when you've been lucky enough to have a successful first record, you're just kind of thrilled that you still get the chance to go back in the studio again and make another record".

Eliza: "It's true, i'm pinching myself. Also I feel like, I hope that i'll be an artist, that I get to do what I do forever and for me it's just the next step on hopefully a very long journey and you know same as the first record, I just want to keep going and keep creating, i'm never going to stop, whether people like it or not, i'm just going to keep going." 

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