Gary Barlow documentary set for DVD release on June 25th

‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ DVD
to be released on June 25th 2012
‘An incredible, beautiful, documentary. Television at its best’ ***** - Gordon Smart, The Sun

‘A joyous experience... both laugh-out-loud funny and properly uplifting.’ - Radio Times
Stunning, funny and moving. It's TV Gold’ - Boyd Hilton, Heat Magazine

‘Funny, touching and entertaining. Like Michael Palin but with music’ - Victoria White, Company Magazine

‘An emotional documentary that will put a smile on the face of viewers’ - Mark Jefferies, Daily Mirror

Includes unseen footage and deleted scenes
Polydor Records is proud to announce the release the triumph that is ‘Gary Barlow: On Her Majesty’s Service’ exec-produced and directed by Ben Winston for Fulwell 73 Productions, on DVD on June 25th. This immensely enjoyable documentary, that had critics across the board laying bountiful praise, see’s Gary Barlow embark on a journey around the Commonwealth to find the musicians and singers that would feature on the official Diamond Jubilee song, ‘Sing’.
Interest in the official Diamond Jubilee Song ‘Sing’ has mushroomed since it topped both the singles and albums charts - making it the fastest selling record of the year - not least because of the interest in its being the culmination of a journey which took Gary Barlow through the Queen’s realm to make a truly unique recording.
When it initially aired on BBC1 earlier this month ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ was a huge ratings success, with an incredible 7.1 million viewers tuning in to see how Gary Barlow set about bringing together such an incredibly diverse collection of some of the most talented musicians from across The Commonwealth. Christmas chart-toppers Gareth Malone and The Military Wives then went on to lead The Commonwealth Band who delivered such a stunning debut live performance at the Diamond Jubilee Concert; again organised by Gary Barlow to such critical acclaim on that memorable weekend.
Now you can experience first-hand Gary Barlow’s mission of extensive preparation and journey to put together this truly unique DVD and official Diamond Jubilee Song, as well as revel in his many incredible experiences along the way, as he takes us across The Commonwealth to make ‘Sing’ happen.
The DVD features never-before-seen deleted scenes from the expedition which enabled Gary Barlow to discover the African Children’s Choir with soloist Lydia, who opens and closes the track, Aboriginal guitarist Gurrumul, Slum Drummers from Kenya’s Kibera slum, the Jolly boys from Jamaica and Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Band. Even HRH Prince Harry was able to make his musical debut on the single and DVD when Gary Barlow met up with him in Jamaica.
Gary Barlow says, “We went on a journey with this record, meeting and recording with some beautifully talented singers and musicians. I can't believe we've managed to get the amount of people we got featured on this song, from all corners of The Commonwealth, but we did! I'm very proud of the result and hope people enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

And then, of course, crucial to the track’s realisation was Gary Barlow’s collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Webber on its production, who adds, “It has been a great joy to collaborate with Gary on a song for this extraordinary occasion. I hope it will become a song that is sung in celebration for many years to come.”

Exec-producer Ben Winston sums up with "This has been a wonderful film to be part of. The response to it has been overwhelming. I don't think when Gary and I first talked about this project we could have ever imagined the impact it would have had. A number one single and album, the live performance at Buckingham Palace, and the reaction to the amazing characters we found all over the world. Working with Gary has been fantastic, he is such a talent, but it's his warmth and humour that really come out in this film. I feel like this is the film where he truly shows who he is."

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