Indie/Alt/Pop Duo The Narrative Unveils Emotional Depths with New Single 'Crushed'

A nostalgic journey into love and loss


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The Narrative members Suzie Zeldin (vocals/keys) and Jesse Gabriel (vocals/guitar) have always had the primary goal of making songs that resonate deeply and impact the lives of their listeners, the same way many of their favorite musicians impacted theirs.

An indie/alt/pop band based in Nashville, TN, they originally came together through a Craigslist ad which led them to writing their first songs in Suzie's cramped New York apartment. These songs would eventually become their debut EP, "Just Say Yes", which was met with critical acclaim and led them to national touring, radio, film and TV placements.

They've since released two full-length albums and a series of singles, all of which showcase the band's ability to traverse genres and craft emotionally resonant songs that connect with fans on a deep level. Now, they're set to release a 4 song EP titled "New Anxieties", an album soaked in synth driven 80's and 90's nostalgia and carrying their signature focus on catchy melodies, introspective lyrics, and intricate instrumental arrangements.

A significant milestone for The Narrative, their new song "Crushed" represents a departure in their writing process, with Zeldin and Gabriel taking a more substantial role in the overall arrangements. This marks the first record featuring Suzie's lead vocals throughout, a testament to the duo's commitment to evolving their sound.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind "Crushed", Suzie Zeldin shares, "The song is about creating an idealized version of a person in your mind and trying to figure out if you're seeing what you want to see, or if you're seeing things as they are. I wrote it during a time when I was exploring my own thought patterns and expectations of the people in my life, and what was fair to ask of them in response to my own needs. I think there are times when we're all guilty of wanting someone to be the simple answer to a complex problem, even though deep down we know that the solution lies within ourselves."

During the pandemic, Zeldin focused on songwriting, while Gabriel dedicated himself to exploring recording and production, resulting in a harmonious collaboration that has opened a new chapter for The Narrative as they continue to write for their next release, an EP that will be released in the first quarter of 2024.

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