Jonny Stanback Explores Long-Distance Relationship in New Acoustic Pop Track "Intertwined"


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Hailing from Los Angeles, Jonny Stanback is no stranger to the music scene. Formerly the lead singer of the indie rock band "THE JACKS", Jonny Stanback has embarked on a solo journey with the release of his album BRONCO in 2023 - a masterful blend of folk, indie rock, and Americana.

His new release, "Intertwined", is a poignant acoustic pop track that delves into the intricacies of long-distance relationships. Inspired by Stanback's personal experience during a period of separation from his partner, the song captures the essence of connection despite physical distance.

Stanback shares, "I wrote 'Intertwined' during a long-distance period of my relationship. Even though we were more than 6000 miles apart, we still felt connected almost invisibly and I thought that was sweet. I think I wrote the song for myself and her to catalog that moment in time. It felt special and I think as an artist you try to capture those little moments so you can bring them with you. It's fun to collect them as you go along."

As part of his ambitious "Hail Mary Hundred" challenge for 2024, Stanback is on a mission to release 100 songs. As a result, he dropped his new album, BRONCO II, which delves even deeper into themes of hope, love, letting go, isolation, and adventure.

May 16, 2024 2:24pm ET by Decent Music PR Limited  

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