Embark on a Celestial Journey with Annah Marcelle's New Single "Mars"

Annah Marcelle Releases Stunning Ballad 'Mars'

Hailing from Virginia, emerging singer-songwriter Annah Marcelle just dropped her new single, "Mars" - an exploration of self-identity and the pursuit of new horizons.


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Written in January 2023, the track serves as the first preview of Annah Marcelle's upcoming five-song EP, Aftermath. The collection of songs depicts an emotional journey through the aftermath of devastating heartbreak. With a new track being released every six weeks, the final song is set to be released in Fall 2024.

Annah found inspiration for "Mars" in the enigmatic allure of the red planet and its parallels to the complexities of human relationships. Reflecting on the song's theme, she shares, "I’ve always thought the idea of people wanting to go to Mars was intriguing and crazy. That would definitely be out of my comfort zone! It made me realise that leaving your life behind to go to Mars is a lot like losing yourself and your identity for a person or relationship."

Teaming up with Nashville-based producer Kara Greskovic, Annah traveled to Music City for the first time last summer to embrace the city’s burgeoning creativity and record the full EP. With this new release, Annah delves into the delicate balance between aspiration and contentment. The singer elaborates, "Something so crucial to humans, like breathing, is something that is easily forgotten because of how love-bombed or blindsided we can be in relationships. We forget to be who we are, and instead change ourselves for someone else."

‘Mars’ by Annah Marcelle sounds like a mesmerising journey through an acoustic pop soundscape. Annah Marcelle's lyricism is rich with imagery, painting vivid scenes that pull listeners in. Her vocal performance effortlessly captures the narrative's essence, ranging from strength to vulnerability with ease. The song's production is top-notch, seamlessly blending acoustic and electronic elements to create a captivating backing. With its combination of folk-inspired elements and innovative synth-soundscapes, ‘Mars’ stands out as an impressive release from the young singer-songwriter.

As Annah Marcelle continues to chart her course through the ever-evolving tapestry of the music industry, "Mars" stands as a beacon of her artistic prowess and a harbinger of the boundless creativity yet to come. Make sure you listen to her new single and follow her on socials so you don’t miss any upcoming releases.

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