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Ikill Orion 'Provocouture TV'. A New Reality

In the spirit of Andy Warhol + Anthony Bourdain

So you wanna be a star? Get transformed!


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Press Release (Hollywood, Ca.)

Fresh off the heals of a GRAMMY® Consideration AD Campaign which garnered over 2 Million views and a successful Pop album project ‘Mikillangelo’ (Now Streaming), Ikill Orion and team Orion have developed 'Provocouture TV' a host driven singular vision Reality/Lifestyle series that mesh fashion, style, music, celebrity & pop culture while engaging guests on the show to open up & discuss a hot bed of taboo topics such as money, fame, sex, obsession, politics, race, gender & religion. The result for both the viewer + guests is a ‘transformative experience’ that is wildly eclectic, electric, erratic and erotic... in the spirit of Warhol & Bourdain birthed today's reality.

Ikill is the brainchild/creator, host, writer & executive producer of the show. ‘Provocouture TV’ is currently in talks with Networks & Streaming Platforms, Hollywood production companies; show runners, celebrity-casting agencies x TV execs whom have expressed interest. ‘PTV’ r(e)volves around style + brand = power showcasing diversification & transformation “the perfect fit for post MTV Hip Hop Tik Tok Gen-Z”. Andy Warhol prophesized that in the future (now) everyone will experience their 15 Minutes of Fame “on my show you’ll get at least 22 minutes” says Ikill as he jokes and laughs. Provocouture TV is the intersection where Hollywood & Vogue meets taking on where Warhol left off keeping in step with the current affairs & current trends without missing a beat!

For more info contact:
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Ikill Orion is an emerging rockstar, International acclaimed artist, TV personality, whose been featured on MTV, Spin, MTV Japan, Rolling Stone, BBC Radio, Prime Video, (UK) Music Week, Reuters, Fox, Sky TV, Pitchfork, Vevo, Time Warner and in Billboard Magazine. As a prolific artist whose amassed 100+ killer tracks, Ikill has worked with 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Jay-Z & Platinum super-producer Nile Rodgers (Madonna, David Bowie, Duran-Duran). As a visionary, provocateur, content creator, style guru whose worked with high profile celebrities, elite stars, Grammy winners, Multi-Platinum artists, emerging acts, Luxury brands, fashion houses, & start ups Ikill has a deep understanding of what, not only it takes to become an icon, but also the importance of building a global brand which is by far the most significant ingredient in becoming a star. Ikill Orion’s ‘Mikillangelo’ (Remix EP) is due out Spring 2022 in conjunction with his genderless fashion capsule collection. . His follow up long awaited Rock record ‘YoungLord’ is tentatively slated for Fall 2022. Ikill Orion is repped by Grey Seal Media (London, UK.)

November 30, 2021 7:43pm ET by Deity (distributed by Sony Music Entertainment)  

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