Blak Madeen Drop Visuals For "Main Attraction" (Official Video)


Produced by Sicknature • Directed by Xander Z. Hayes

Supreme Aftermath Is Now Available!


Boston rap duo Blak Madeen use their sharp flows, knowledge, and attention-commanding stage presence to bring the Supreme Aftermath banger “Main Attraction” to life in their stylish new video.

The video is directed by Xander Z. Hayes, whose previous work include Reks’ “Hands Up (Wink Wink)” and Taj Amir & Kid Lodi’s “The Underdog Story.” And with “Main Attraction,” which is produced by Snowgoons’ Sicknature, Hayes clearly found inspiration in the powerful rhymes brought forth by Blak Madeen’s Al-J and Yusuf Abdul-Mateen.

The director’s vision becomes clear as the primarily black-and-white visuals become interspersed with images that complement the duo’s rhymes. This includes everything from footage of political rallies, to the cover of a classic Divine Styler record, to a quick shot of Donald Trump surrounded by fire and brimstone. It’s all done subtly and with attention to detail, and it’ll leave you wanting to watch “Main Attraction” again to make sure you caught everything.

Supreme Aftermath is out now via Rhyme Dawah and is available through all major digital retailers and streaming services. Also, if you’re in the Boston area on July 17, be sure to catch the duo rocking the stage at the Outside The Box Festival (it’s free!).

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Boston’s own Blak Madeen deliver an incredibly potent and relevant new album, Supreme Aftermath, that deftly tackles Islamophobia, media-fueled hatred, and other issues facing our society.

Group member’s Yusuf Abdul-Mateen and Al-J Both drive that point home in making it clear that their message on this album is simple: “Think for yourself; don’t let the media or the politicians tell you how to view the world,” says Yusuf. While Al-J, agrees: “We are not preaching or trying to tell you what to do. You have to gravitate to our message—it’s magnetic.”

That sentiment is felt immediately on the opening title track, an already-powerful message made that much more poignant through the use of Malcolm X quotes. His voice serves as a guiding light for the duo, two proud Muslim men who use the remaining 13 songs to spread love, dish out sharp criticisms of the media, and spit straight verbal darts (click here to continue reading).


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